Level 6 Load Shedding Strikes!

Without even a day’s warning, South Africa has gone from Level 2 to Level 6 Load Shedding. There’s no easy way to say this: THIS IS BAD!

Just as the coldest months of winter hit, our African teens will experience at least 8 hours without electricity each day. Many of our Net Buddies were already studying by candles or kerosene. Now, their families will be forced to take even more dangerous decisions to stay warm, like using an “imbawula” – an open flame barely contained in an open metal bucket with holes – inside their homes. Children regularly die from carbon dioxide poisoning and/or home fires as a result.

You can keep our African teens warm with a new, extra thick hooded sweater. $20/R300 wraps them in the thick, warmest fabric to keep them safe and focused on their homework throughout these cold winter nights.

Click here to keep a Net Buddy warm and safe:

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