Mmm & Mmm Good

Mint, brownie, crunchie cookie, carmel, almond, peanut butter… What do all of these have in common – besides making us all want to grab a handful and snack, right this minute? They are all relatively new, and very hard to find, M&M flavors. And, they are what Infinite Family wanted to send with Founder, Amy Stokes, on her first South African visit since Covid curtailed her quarterly trips starting in early 2020. Following fruitless calls to M&M headquarters and several distribution companies, the incredible Candy Team at M&M Times Square came through. They monitored deliveries for a week and carefully put the specialty flavors aside. Two red-eye flights later, these special treats landed in Johannesburg to be shared with our Net Buddies and their parents and guardians in Alexandra, Khayelitsha and Soweto Townships.

Special thanks to Zeeman, Tonisha and the whole Candy Team, you brought smiles to sooooooooo many African teens and made their families feel super special!


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