Net Fundi to Future Educator

Wanga Moshani joined Infinite Family’s South African Team as a Net Fundi helping our Net Buddies in Khayelitsha in March 2020, just as the Covid-19 lockdowns hit South Africa hard. While it was an unusual year to take on new responsibilities, he fell “in love with being part of the Net Buddies’ development journey.” Not much older than the teens he managed, he was motivated by the positive influence he had over how they coped with the stress and uncertainty to learn more about the process of learning. Before we knew it, Moshani was committed to becoming a teacher and exploring distance learning options for his Bachelor of Education degree. Seeing his commitment to African teens, Wanga was chosen as one of the first beneficiaries of Infinite Family’s forgivable loan education sponsorship program that your donations created at the end of 2021. 

His first year, before your sponsorship, was extremely difficult and his grades reflected it. Trying to find work to pay his tuition and fees while studying at the same time wasn’t easy, especially during the pandemic. When asked what difference your sponsorship made, he replied, “My life has changed as now as I don’t have any debts from school.”

We also noted that Wanga has developed different study habits. Recently he shared that he treats books as his friends and works very hard to manage his time adding, “To be an online university student is difficult, you need to be able to manage yourself and have self-discipline.” We are all excited to see the results of his hard work and expect his grades this year to reflect his growth and dedication.

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