No Tech. No Future.


At Infinite Family, we pride ourselves on being resourceful and it’s a core skill we instill in the teens on our mentorship program. But there’s only so much we can do when our laptops date back to 2015: no webcams, obsolete operating systems,… We’ve read the writing on our screens, “pulled up our socks” and committed to the ambitious goal of replacing ALL of our laptops in 2022.

We are thankful that @GlobalGiving wants to help! This week only, their Little x Little will match 50% of ALL donations up to $50.

Our goal is 80 donations of $50 to buy the first 10 laptops.

Every new computer we can put to work in our Launch Pads will make a real, daily difference to the lives of our Net Buddies on their journey through high school to graduation.  So, please, if you are considering making a donation, we’d urge you to do it this week, so GlobalGiving’s Little x Little matching campaign can help us reach our goal twice as fast!


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