Skies the Limit


How does a teen learn what it means – and takes – to be a flight attendant when they haven’t flown in a plane, or even visited an airport before? If they are part of Infinite Family, surely someone knows someone who knows someone who has that exact job IRL (in real life).

In this case, our Net Buddy Tintswalo was only two degrees away from direct experience because her Video Mentor’s friend, June, is a real live Flight Attendant. Millicent reached out to our team and a VC (video conversation) guest appearance was arranged. Here are some of the things our Tintswalo learned:

  • If you want to get rich – become a pilot!
  • Learn French and Spanish to be assigned on international trips.
  • A plane has many doors and a Flight Attendant must know how to find and operate all of them.
  • You can’t be a Flight Attendant if you don’t know how to swim.

What does our Net Buddy’s mom think? She is amazed that her daughter asked questions so freely. Apparently, before engaging with Millicent, Tintswalo rarely asked questions or sought help, even when she needed it. Just as our Net Buddy is excited to learn about careers in the skies, her mother is excited to see her find her voice and become more comfortable interacting with adults.

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Note: Photos and quotes are all real Infinite Family Net Buddies. For their safety, we change the names to protect the identities of minor-aged teens.

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