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Facebook can be a source of joy and frustration, sometimes all in the same day. At Infinite Family, we would like to add “surprise” and “gratitude” to the list of adjectives used to describe this community. Without fanfare – or even notification – you, our generous Infinite Family is regularly using FB to share celebration of your birthdays with our Net Buddies. In just the past few years, you have raised awareness and funds among your communities via 22 separate FB fundraisers. Altogether, you have raised more than $6,200 so far and supported everything from emergency food parcels to Covid cleaning supplies and masks to webcams, headphones, and laptops. You have kept our Net Buddies healthy and connected to their Video Mentors and studies. For all of this, we are extremely grateful. The surprise part is that we never expect these gifts – FB doesn’t notify us about your acts of generosity or commitment to our Net Buddies. In the future, if you let us know about your campaigns, we will share your good deeds even further.

While many things on Facebook may never turn out to be “a thing,” support from our Infinite Family definitely IS! We thank you!

Amelia Antes   |   Ariel Oosthuizen   |   Deena Boykin    |   Dona Laketek   |    Gabi Strijp   |   Joan Goldberg Fischer   |   LaShunda Martin   |   Laura Henderson   |   Lesley Yaniv   |   Luis Leal   |   Maria Justice   |   Mark Toncray   |   Paula Derrow   |   Sheena Davis   |   Sinenjabulo Jacqueline Nene   |   Virginia Rose

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LaShunda Martin
October 22, 2022 at 10:54 am

This Is Great!


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