Loadshedding Silver Lining


Three years back, it would have been hard to conceive how adaptable, agile and resilient humans could be in a pandemic that shut down the world.    Aside from all the advances in science and technology, and the ‘pivots’ in education and the workplace, we’ve all learned a ton about what we can do when things seem impossible.

It’s a lesson our Net Buddies were already familiar with and one that has helped them navigate the fear and uncertainty around Covid.  Not to mention the gross inconvenience, discomfort – and sometimes danger – that comes with loadshedding.  Last week Amy and Zoleka were in Cape Town, visiting our LaunchPads in Khayelitsha, and – along with the expected stories of hardship – they got a life lesson in resilience as our teens shared their perspectives on some of the negative – and positive – aspects of life in the dark.

Hear our Net Buddies’ Silver Lining

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