Creating Critical Access

Preparing for exams is challenging enough. Finding out the exam date is on a weekend — when you don’t have access to a computer and the internet — is more than frustrating. Missing the moment, after working so hard to prepare, because of a lack of essential resources crushes teens’ souls. Yet, this is the story for so many teens in South Africa.

Infinite Family’s teens have a superpower to overcome challenges like this – they know how to reach out and ask for help from a team that will move mountains to do so. 💪 This is exactly what happened last week to our matric/12th grade) teens in Alexandra. They were disheartened when they found out that one of their national college entrance exams was only being held on a Saturday.📝 But they didn’t give up. They contacted our team, which quickly mobilized and obtained the necessary permissions to open our LaunchPad for this special Saturday. This reduced their anxiety and fear, and provided a safe, clean, bright, quiet and dependable powered space to obtain their best results. National Benchmark Test? Done, thanks to our global Infinite Family, who keep the LaunchPads in top shape. 💯 #lifeskills #overcomechallenges #graduate #highereducation #makeitcount

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