Every [English] Word Matters

Did you know …? 60% of children in South African schools do not know the alphabet by the end of Grade 1 (age 6), and by Grade 4 (age 10) almost 80% still cannot read for meaning.  These stats from a newly published Early Grade Reading Study (EGRS) commissioned by the South African Basic Education Department hit hard.

They remind us that education is the lifeline to a better future for our Infinite Family teens and that it all starts with reading, in English, the third or fourth language our Net Buddies learn. As teaching becomes even harder during load shedding, students take on more independent studies outside of class to learn the necessary material. Students that struggle with English and independent studies become the most likely to drop out before completing high school. Every conversation between Net Buddies and their Video Mentors helps expand their vocabulary and give them the confidence they need to communicate effectively in English, keep up in school, and, ultimately, find work in the global marketplace.

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