Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Today is Giving Tuesday – one of the most exciting days on the calendar for NGOs.  It’s when donors worldwide flex their cyber strength for good and support the non-profits they love. This year, Global Giving is “sweetening the deal” by dividing a $1.2 million pie (aka R22 million/GBP 950,000/EUR 1.1 million) among its’ partner NGOs.

Giving Tuesday is one day, but the impact of your decision to support Infinite Family today lasts a lifetime when a South African teen:

  • Defies the odds and graduates from high school next year,
  • Continues on to college/university in 2025, and
  • Gets a job after college/university that allows her or him to support their extended family for the rest of their lives.

Just as Infinite Family’s program overcomes the mean streets and gangs in our marginalized communities, so too does your support today in helping us receive a generous portion of GlobalGiving’s #MoveaMillion match. Click here to help.

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