Life as an “Independent Woman”

We love it when our Net Blazers get in touch with us – either from college or the world of work, especially when they share how valuable they found their time in the Infinite Family program.

Quite often, we hear from them as they’re about to finish their first Degree and it’s such a joy to hear about their studies and future plans. Last week, we received a voicemail from Happy Mothapo – a Net Buddy from 2012 – 2022 – and the enthusiasm in her voice gives a welcome boost of energy to even the dreariest of winter days in the global north.

Happy, who grew up in Soweto, will soon be finishing her undergraduate degree in Business Management and plans to go straight on to study for a career as a lawyer. (No surprise when you listen to this accomplished young woman’s clear, confident tones and determination.)

We were delighted to hear her give credit to her Video Mentor, Rhonda, for the seeds sown all those years ago … and her gratitude for all of the members of our Infinite Family who helped her learn skills that she now uses, “almost every day.” Happy says that thanks to the many hours she spent online with Rhonda, she felt prepared for life after school – unlike many of her contemporaries – and has found she’s unphased by many of the things others struggle with. If this doesn’t spread joy and hope, at the end of an especially tough and complicated year, we don’t know what will.

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