It’s Easy to Be Part of Our Family

It is easier than ever to sponsor teens, like Happy, and keep them on track to build an independent, responsible future. With just a few clicks, you can help them prepare to succeed  – in school work and life – using a credit card, Apple Pay, stock, a donor-advised fund, or more than 60 cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to our partnership with The Giving Block and Shift 4, all of these options are easily available right from Infinite Family’s website. Every Dollar, Rand, Bitcoin or share will support teens do,ing their homework, applying for college, and building skills that will put them first in line for promotion in their first job. Here are some ways your gifts could help:

$50 Adds skills development resources to our online library that teens on the Infinite Family program use every week.

$55/month Guarantees a teen access to a computer, internet and a weekly skills development mentoring session.

1ETH Buys 3 new laptops for 9 teens to do after-school homework every day.

1BTC Sends 12 South African teens to college!

Click here to include Infinite Family’s Net Buddies in your year-end giving plans.

Thank YOU!


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