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Infinite Family’s South African Net Buddies are hard at work preparing for their end of year finals and we recently learned that educators have been informed that the rest of the year must be devoted to making sure exams go well – not that students are prepared well, but that the exam process itself must finish on time. 📝❗

This means that 25% of the teaching year has just been cut – if students haven’t already learned lessons intended for October and November, well they just won’t.

Wow, that’s a blow to all South African students! And it is one reason that our Net Buddies are even more thankful to Kathleen Casey and Karen Sharman for kitting out their LaunchPad with new computers so they can review the lessons they will miss after school hours! 💻💻💻 Showing extra enthusiasm, several have even asked to be allowed to pull all-nighters in the LaunchPads, where they know they will have electricity and access to the internet. Of course, safety issues (and the fact that sleep is also necessary to their success) mean we can’t implement their plan. 🛌💤 So, while Zinzo had to reluctantly decline their request, we’ve all been heartened by the lengths our teens are prepared to go in order to secure better futures for themselves. #resourceful #futurefocused #gettingitdone #alwayslearning #resultsmatter

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