6 Months of Impact

By March 2020, when Covid lockdowns compelled us all to learn how to do Zoom and Teams calls, Infinite Family had already done 36,000 video calls – we started in 2006!

For our Net Buddies, finding answers via the computer either online or in mentoring sessions is second nature. 💻 These skills are a really big competitive advantage when our teens get to university!🏫🚀  Because our Infinite Family has made it possible for them to practice and learn starting at age 12, our Net Buddies are leaps and bounds ahead of their classmates who are navigating steep technology learning curves, in addition to their classwork, all in their first months of living on their own.

As we end the first half of 2024, our Net Buddies have already been strengthened in 3,100 video mentoring sessions. Want to help a student growing up in one of the toughest communities move to the head of the class? 📈 💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿Become a Video Mentor! Start the process by clicking here #techskills #upskilled #lifeskills #graduate #highereducation #goodpeople #makingadifference

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