Happy New Year

Hard to believe but back in 2006 – when Infinite Family began mentoring South African teens online via computers and webcams – fewer than 5% of South Africans had access to the internet. Utterly unimaginable to the teens on our program today!  Thanks to every one of you, the maxim that it takes a village to raise a child is their lived experience, and echoed in letters to Infinite Family from their parents and guardians:

I am Xolisile, the parent of E.

I would really like for her to continue participating in the Infinite Family program.

I would like to say “Forward, Infinite Family, forward!”

We as the parents of Khayelitsha are very grateful!

Through their own efforts, and the support of people like you who invest in teens, our Infinite Family has helped raise doctors, engineers, managers, set designers, and young professionals in so many other spheres. Like their peers in the developed world, they’re buying cars, building homes, and starting families of their own. Because our global community strengthened them as teens – they are now able to strengthen their own communities and take care of their parents and extended families.

As we prepare to follow Xolisile’s advice to keep Infinite Family moving forward in 2024, we THANK YOU for your generosity and support, and for building a global network for teen success. YOU change our Net Buddies’ lives forever. We send our very warmest wishes to you and your families for a happy, rewarding, and peaceful start to the year.

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