Hello from Med School


Hello from the University of Stellenbosch! 🏫 What a joy to receive our first view into this year’s graduates’ lives in college/university. Mbalentle – first in his family to study after high school and future doctor, no less – let us know that he’s off to a terrific start! 🩺 🚀

“Uni[versity] has been good! [Orientation] Week laid a good foundation for me to settle and adapt easily into this space. This campus is small and most people are doing the same course I am doing, Medicine. The studying environments are conducive [so] academics too are going well. We are able to help each other when it comes to our schoolwork. You never feel alone. I got to find people who match my energy, making whatever is hard bearable.”

We couldn’t be prouder of our grads navigating the twists and turns in the next stages of their journeys, both those who have had relatively smooth sailing and those who are already navigating bumps and curves thrown at them by NSFAS, the national funding system. It’s exactly why Infinite Family emphasizes the need for our teens to develop resilience and resourcefulness in high school, and why they do.📈 #resilient #resourceful #responsible #graduate #persistencepaysoff #overcomechallenges

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