Keep a Teen Warm this Winter

It happens. We’ve all been let down at one time or another. But heading into South Africa’s cold winter months is one time we don’t want to let our Net Buddies down. Just as our American and European Video Mentors are getting their beach bodies in shape, the chill is in the air in South Africa which means it’s time to make sure each of our Net Buddies has a new super thick hooded sweater to keep them warm.

If keeping a teen warm this winter also warms your heart, a donation of $25 send one top-quality sweater to a very grateful teen. We need to buy 150 hooded sweaters to make sure all of our Net Buddies can focus on their studies instead of sitting on their hands to keep them warm.


If you can put us in touch with a super generous corporate or private donor who might be prepared to step in and fund all of them (a gift of $3,750), we’d really love to hear from you.

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