Straight from a Mentor’s Heart


Video Mentor, Angela, Shares Her Thoughts at Her Net Buddy’s Step-Up Ceremony

Good afternoon, Infinite Family members.  Thank you for the opportunity to say a few words today on behalf of the Video Mentors here today.

Special greetings to all of you, our wonderful Net Buddies.  Or should I say Net Blazers.  What impressive young women [and men] you are.

We are here today, to celebrate you. You have worked consistently hard throughout your high school career, regardless of the many challenges around you.  You have approached your studies with dignity and determination.   It has been a privilege and a pleasure for us to spend time with you every week, and to be by your side as you have made decisions that will have a positive impact on the rest of your lives. 

You have accomplished so much already.  We are so proud of you – whatever your exam results may be – and we have great faith that you will do good things in the world.  Knowing that the future of our precious, troubled South Africa is in the hands of young people with values like yours, is a blessing. 

I’d like to say a few words about my Net Buddy, Lesedi. Our weekly calls have been a highlight of my week since we first became VC buddies, way back in her Grade 9 year.

From our very first call, her energy, her enthusiasm, her commitment to her studies – and to her future – have shone through and it has been a joy to be part of her high school journey.

Lesedi, we’ve shared your ups, your downs, many laughs and happy times, and a few hard times too … and – something I don’t think either of us expected – there have been times you have mentored me along the way.  (Remember helping me through a friendship difficulty?). If you ever need relationship advice, guys, ask Lesedi! 

Aside from embodying the responsibility, resilience and resourcefulness that Infinite Family promotes, you are kind, caring, honest, thoughtful, respectful of others, so smart and a natural leader with a beautiful heart. 

Like all your mentors, I’m so grateful to Infinite Family for bringing Lesedi and me together and for showing us all that, no matter the differences between us – in age and race and circumstance – the thing we have in common, the thing that matters more than anything, is our shared humanity.  Lesedi and I are just two women, from different worlds, who found a connection. The world needs more of it.

Huge congratulations to you, dear Net Blazers, and to your families.  Your Mentors hope your Matric results reflect all the sacrifices you have made to invest in your future. We send you love. We wish you only good things in life.  And we will watch from afar as you shine like a diamond.

Twebezela njegay dayimanee!

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