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Resilience is one of the earliest skills our Net Buddies learn to develop.  Along with making the discovery that every obstacle they meet on the way to achieving their goals (no matter how painful or frustrating) can be an opportunity for them to grow.

It’s certainly been a useful life skill for our latest cohort of Grade 12 graduates to draw on as they prepared to head off to college.  For them, qualifying for tertiary study and earning a place on a degree course has been both the start of a bright new chapter .. and a fresh set of challenges!

Thankfully, after several stressful weeks, they have all finally started their classes at universities around South Africa including: Univ. of Stellenbosch (7 students!), Univ. of Fort Hare, Univ. of Pretoria, Univ. of Western Cape, North West University, University of Free State, and Cape Peninsula Univ. of Technology (2 students).

They will be studying for Bachelors Degrees in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Forestry and Natural Resources, Law, Medicine, Agricultural Economics, Agriculture – Gentry, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Education, and Public Relations, and 3-year Diplomas in ICT.

We’re not the only ones who are proud. When we shared this information with our corporate partners, here’s how Vaughan Pierce from Pick n Pay responded:

“These stats are phenomenal! Well done to you and your team as well. We can all share this success. These students are also going to great tertiary institutions to study a myriad of specialty areas, all of which are much needed in this beautiful country of ours.”

Infinite Family boldly invests in all teens – not just those at the top of their class. Every graduate strengthens South African families and communities.

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