Daily Heartbreaking Decision


“Preliminary investigations revealed that the children died as a result of smoke inhalation and the mother is currently hospitalized. We acknowledge that they may be electricity outages and we need to keep warm however, we urge the community to be careful of the dangers of ‘imbawula’,” South African Police Service Chief Sifiso Mabizela told News 365.

These were not our Net Buddies, but what a heartbreaking decision for any parent or guardian to have to make: hope the kids will sleep despite the freezing temperatures inside the home, or bring the imbawula – an open flame barely contained in an open metal bucket –  inside, just for tonight. The main problem with imbawula is the one you can’t see the toxic fumes and carbon monoxide they release all night. Heartbreakingly, each South African winter some children do not wake up.

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