Resourceful  [rĭ-zôrs′fəl]  adj.

Resourceful  [rĭ-zôrs′fəl]  adj.

  1. Able to act effectively or imaginatively, especially in difficult situations.

Our Net Buddies are being told they need to work twice as hard as they did before the pandemic just to catch up to where education standards say they should be. But its really hard to keep up this pace when the nights are freezing cold and dark due to daily national power outages. Infinite Family teens know that empty cans filled with rocks or sand make great candle holders but they can’t jerry-rig extra clothes to stay warm.

Please keep a Net Buddy stay safe and learning by sending him an extra thick, hooded sweater like these.

Thank you for keeping our Net Buddies on track and future focused for school, work and life success!


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