You are Our Strength

Ubuntu ngubuntu ngabantu.  This isiZulu phrase means “I am who I am because of my community.” I first heard this from a young African boy named Lucky in 2006. He used it to explain what being part of Infinite Family meant to him, continuing, “and now I am part of an Infinite Family.”

Thanks to you, our Infinite Family was in full force during 2022.  Our Net Buddies poured back into the LaunchPads and couldn’t get enough of researching new topics online, reviewing practice sheets in our resources zone, and practicing English with their Video Mentors. They had two long stop-and-start years to make up for, and their young minds were hungry for knowledge!

To make sure the LaunchPads are ready to start the new school year clean, connected and primed for learning, Infinite Family Director Kevin Travis is offering the December Double Match to amplify all first-time and top-up gifts with a $1 for $1/R1 for R1 match during this Festive Season.

Please keep the African teens in our Infinite Family in mind as you finalize your year-end giving plans. Your gift before December 31 will go twice as far when we welcome our Net Buddies back and gear up for another year of building new futures, starting with high school success. Donate here.

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