Staying Safe is the Most Important Lesson

So, Net Buddies, schools reopen for Matrics and Grade 7s on Monday and your emotions are likely to be mixed.  There’ll be the excitement of getting back to class, resuming your studies and seeing your friends … and then there’s the anxiety about the risks of leaving lockdown. We wish […]

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How Sam Moves Smartly in the World

Dear Net Buddies & Blazers, Do you think the government is being too restrictive and protective in enforcing the Covid-19 Lockdown? This short video is a MUST SEE to understand why we need to take extra care against this disease that does not yet have a clear way to avoid […]

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From the President’s Desk: Why We Reconsidered Tobacco Sales

Dear Fellow South African, The entire world is in the unrelenting grip of the coronavirus pandemic, whose spread has been rapid. A vaccine has yet to be found. Across the world, over 3.4 million people are known to be infected and more than 240,000 have died. These are indeed desperate […]

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Just a Bit Further. Stay Safe Net Buddies.

Hey Net Buddies, as if the challenges of lockdown aren’t already enough, now there’s news that some South Africans have had encounters with members of the police and military that have ended badly.  Apparently, this has happened when social isolation regulations have been violated and there are a few things […]

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From the President’s Desk: Freedom Day Speech

FROM THE DESK OF THE PRESIDENT Dear fellow South African, Twenty-six years ago, a new nation was born in Africa. On the 27th of April 1994 this country’s men, women and children emerged from the dark vale of oppression to stand in the light of freedom. As millions cast their […]

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