Official SA Coronavirus Information Sources

Net Buddies and Net Blazers, there is now an official SA Coronavirus 19 information website, whatsapp and emergency hotline. Keep these handy to confirm what people might tell that doesn’t seem logical or safe. And of course, you can always, always, always ask anyone at Infinite Family your questions or […]

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Cold, Flu or Coronavirus/Covid 19 – Which Might I Have?

Updated April 27, 2020 According to WHO and CDC, Coronavirus/Covid 19 shares many symptoms with the common cold and seasonal flu. According to the CDC, it now appears that Coronavirus/Covid 19 sufferers often have some combination of symptoms that do not usually appear with cold or flue: Extreme Tiredness, Shortness […]

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HELLO! My Name is Coronavirus

A big thanks to Manuela Molina of Mind Heart Kids for this very graphic way to understand what coronavirus/covid 19 is, it’s affect on humans, and what we can do to keep it away from us and those we love. Click the picture to read the graphic story.

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