Take Advantage of Today to Gain Advantage Tomorrow

So it’s going to be a long 3 more weeks in Lockdown. Coronavirus/Covid 19 is testing everyone – all around the world – and is pushing us all to our limits. Some will rise to the challenge and use this time to build skills and strengths to get ready for […]

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Exploring Jobs

Ok Net Buddies, you have created your list of the top 5 jobs or industry fields you are interested in exploring in greater depth.  Today, you start learning more by going to and following the steps they suggest: Choose Your Industry, Narrow by Career Path, and Discover Occupations. At […]

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Today is Your Day to Lead

Net Buddies, This is a tough time for all of us. But we are not alone. From your Video Mentors and the Infinite Family Team that care about you to the icons that smoothed the path before all of us. Do you know the history of how Mandela was an […]

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We will get Thru, Thanks to the Medical Professionals

Hi Net Buddies, COVID-19 is a treatable disease like many others for most of us and that’s why we will get through this situation stronger than before, especially with the help and support of such great medical professionals like we have. Video Mentor, Nacor Ibañez Fernandez

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