Someday You Will Want to Look Back with Pride

I wish my own Net Buddy, Lisakhanya, and all Net Buddies safety and good health for themselves and their families in these difficult days.  Do what you can to make your own part of this world a better place through one simple act of kindness today.  Look around for someone […]

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We Can Gain Strength from All Events

For our Net Buddies on Day 2 of their 21-Day National Lockdown: “This is the moment I accept the most challenging times will always be behind me and in front of me. – Kobe Bryant Stay safe. Stay strong.

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Cold, Flu or Coronavirus/Covid 19 – Which Might I Have?

Updated April 27, 2020 According to WHO and CDC, Coronavirus/Covid 19 shares many symptoms with the common cold and seasonal flu. According to the CDC, it now appears that Coronavirus/Covid 19 sufferers often have some combination of symptoms that do not usually appear with cold or flue: Extreme Tiredness, Shortness […]

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We are Stronger Together

People all around the world are staying at home and self-isolating to protect themselves from anyone who has Coronavirus/Covid 19 – and everyone else from them just in case they could pass it on. No question: self-isolating is hard, boring, and frustrating. But it is also a chance to gain […]

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What do Camels Have to Do with It?

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Sahara a few weeks ago, in Morocco, (before the outbreak of the virus). One of the highlights for me was riding a camel into the sunset and seeing the beautiful light and hearing the silence all around me, silence I […]

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Ready for Funny? Here’s Screaming Chicken!

Hi Thabo, I will miss seeing you every week. I noticed that you seemed to be happy and that made me happy. I hope what is happening isn’t making you upset. I’ve been reading the news and it sounds like your government is acting quickly and doing the right thing […]

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