Become a Knowledge Ambassador

There is a lot of confusing and just plain bad information being spread about Coronavirus/Covid 19. Fact: Widespread bad information can be just as or more dangerous than what seems scary to start with! Net Buddies, we challenge you to fight ignorance and false rumors wherever you find them!  Your weapons […]

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Things Do Get Better

Hi everyone! I’m writing from Arizona, the state with all the cactuses, rattlesnakes, and crazy summer heat. Some days in July it can be 46C! I’ve been thinking about the world-changing events that have taken place since I’ve been alive, which is a long time—I’m 63! There have been so […]

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HELLO! My Name is Coronavirus

A big thanks to Manuela Molina of Mind Heart Kids for this very graphic way to understand what coronavirus/covid 19 is, it’s affect on humans, and what we can do to keep it away from us and those we love. Click the picture to read the graphic story.

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