Net Buddies

Kudu Wisdom: The Art of Listening

Kudu bulls are tall and majestic with the most spectacular horns. With their hearing being so well developed, the kudu’s large ears allow it to hear danger when it is in the thickets, thus avoiding predators. When disturbed, a kudu will usually stop, sweep its large radar ears from side […]

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Don’t Let Conspiracies Make You Powerless!

Dear Net Buddies, Have you heard that the coronavirus was intentionally created by one group of people to hurt another group? This is called a conspiracy theory and you can find them about all over the Internet about every topic you can imagine. What these theories do is help explain […]

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From Tycoon to Taxi Rider in 60 Seconds

A 2017 red Ferrari Four F151, valued at R2.99-million, pulled out of Blackhead Consulting’s headquarters in Bryanston, Johannesburg, on Tuesday, the driver opening the throttle one last time before the car goes into storage. The Ferrari was one of the vehicles the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA’s) Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) […]

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We Welcome a New Member of the Family: Seacom!

Just as the New Year dawned, before many others could even get back in the office, Seacom called Infinite Family to discuss partnership opportunities. Without hesitation, Seacom initiated the installation approval process for an Internet fiber connection deep into Alexandra – direct to Infinite Family’s LaunchPad – Not even Covid-19 […]

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SA Cultural Icons Don’t Stop for Covid

Icons making a cultural contribution to society have been honoured for their work. In celebration of Heritage Month, GCIS hosted Africa’s Webinar on COVID-19 on Monday honouring our living human treasures’ and their commitment to help shape society. These are people who’ve preserved indigenous knowledge that they’ve inherited from elders […]

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Monkey Wisdom: Even Monkeys Fall Out of Trees

Monkeys are excellent climbers; they know which branches to swing on. At the first sign of danger an alarm call will be signaled and the troop will disappear high up into the trees where it is safe. But sometimes, even monkeys fall out of trees. You are born perfect, but […]

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